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Breaking the Ice

Genesis of a Women's NCAA Division I Ice Hockey Team 

Production Crew

Laura A. Wackwitz (Producer, Director, Editor, Camera)

Gary Glaser (Producer, Director, Camera)

Larry D. Miller (Executive Producer)

Tom Hopkins (Associate Producer, Camera)

Gary S. Cendrowski (Technical Consultant)

© Gary Glaser & Laura A. Wackwitz

Cornerstones of Care

Community mental health service for children in crisis.

Production Crew

Laura A. Wackwitz (Producer, Director, Editor, Camera)

Jack Wackwitz (Assistant Producer)

Denise McHugh (Assistant Producer)

Larry D. Miller (Creative Consultant)

Gary Cendrowski (Technical Consultant)

Tom Hopkins (Technical Consultant)

Made possible, in part, by The Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Grant # SM52927

Video available soon!

Someplace safe to be:
A crisis respite home

Use of private homes for temporary respite care in rural communities.

Produced for: The State of Colorado, Division of Mental Health, Rural Crisis Study.

Distributed to: Mental health professionals at the National Institute of Mental Health, and in Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, & Virginia.

Used in training by: The Rural Homeless Initiative (Alaska), Family Safe Home Project (Alaska), Colorado Rural Crisis Study (CRCS).

Video available soon!

Remember the Children

The story of an inner-city, privately-funded elementary school organized in the public interest

Endorsed by: Joseph Kellman, Founder, Corporate Community Schools of America

© Laura A. Wackwitz & Christopher J. Schroll

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